If you have young children, you have sippy cups. They are a great way to prevent spills and messes, but they can also lead to tooth decay. Sippy cups are designed to help your child learn how to use adult cups or glasses, but it is also tempting to let them hang on to those cups for years since the alternative may be spilled drinks. If a sippy cup is filled with soft drinks, fruit juice or sugary beverages, your child may sip on that cup for a long time, increasing their chances of developing cavities. One way to decrease the chances of your child developing cavities is to wean them off sippy cups by their first birthday. You can also put water in the cup instead of juice. It is also a good idea to take the sippy cup away before bedtime or a nap since the sugar from your child’s drink can cling to their teeth as they sleep. If they do want to take a cup to bed, fill it with water.

All of this is not to say that sippy cups are bad. Actually, they can be valuable in helping your child develop the motor skills they need, but the key is knowing how to use them and when to encourage your child to move on to an adult cup. If you have any questions, our dentist will be happy to answer them for you. Call Agua Dental at 956-544-2482, and a member of our team will help you plan some time to speak with Dr. Trent Savage about sippy cups in Brownsville, Texas.